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Ficverse - Halfway Out of the Dark

Title: Halfway Out of the Dark
Author: Leonawriter
Rating: K
Spoilers: For 'Christmas Carol', yes.  Muchly.
Characters: The Doctor, the Master, Kazran Sardick, Abigail Pettigrew, Clyde.
Notes: The Doctor sees a fair few similarities between the older Kazran and the Master.  The Master simply thinks the Doctor's off his rocker again.
..... ..... ..... .....
"See? I've got the other half right here!"Collapse )


Ficverse - Misplaced

Title: Misplaced
Author: Leonawriter
Rating: K+
Spoilers: For 'The Pandorica Opens', possible ninja ones for 'The Big Bang', but unlikely.
Characters: The Master, the Doctor (by his absence, almost), the Pandorica.
Notes: The Master rails against everything from the Alliance's intelligence to the Pandorica itself to the sheer irony in existence that is the Doctor, and finds himself laughing at fate.

The Master glared at the massive black box that held the Doctor inside. The box looked back, cold, expressionless and unfeeling.

Misplaced - Master + Pandorica
by ~LeonaWriter on deviantART

ATTWS : Crash and Burn
by ~LeonaWriter on deviantART

The lineart's also on the site, so if anyone wants to have a go at colouring it themselves (while keeping to the ficced idea that it's in the TARDIS and using a colour scheme to match) then have at; I'd love to see what other people could do with it.
Title: Comfortably Numb
Author: Leonawriter
Rating: K+
Spoilers: None.
Characters: The Master, mainly.  But mentions of Rassilon and the Tenth Doctor.  Implied Wilf.
Notes: The verse 'starter'.  Written to explain how the Master is no longer hungry and glowing.

For the first time since Rassilon had struck out at him with the Glove, since Gallifrey had gone back into its own place, he listened.


Ficverse - Rules of the Game

Title: Rules of the Game
Author: Leonawriter
Rating: K
Spoilers: None, really.
Characters: The Doctor, the Master, Amy Pond.
Notes: Set between Victory of the Daleks and Time of Angels.  Before the Master's laser is completed.

“Really, boys,” she said, finally interrupting them. “Can’t you ever agree on anything?”Collapse )


Title: Echoes of Never-Weres and Could-Have-Beens
Author: Leonawriter
Rating: K+ (for mentions of the Time War)
Spoilers: For The Big Bang (s5, ep13) and many others.
Characters: The Master, the Doctor.  Mentions of others.
Notes: Set during the few moments in Big Bang in which there was a Doctor-shaped hole in Time and Space.  For most people, they carried on, oblivious.  But Time Lords notice... right?

There was someone missing.


Title: Out Of Context - Martha pt.2
Author: Leonawriter
Rating: K
Spoilers: None
Characters: The Eleventh Doctor, The Master, Amy Pond, Martha Jones.
Notes: Set shortly after the first 'Martha' drabble. Martha sees something she doesn't expect, and Amy is amused.

"Now, this? This is why you don't get nice things."Collapse )


Title: Crash and Burn
Author: Leonawriter
Rating: K+
Spoilers: For End of Time, obviously.  But not really, other than that.
Characters: TARDIS, Tenth Doctor, the Master.
Notes: Set not very long after the first EoT bit, written because this period is, to me, fascinating in terms of the relationships between the Doctor, the Master, and the Doctor's TARDIS, and how said relationships change in the course of the 'verse.

The Master first woke up when the Doctor first left the TARDIS.